free selling of digital currency

free selling of digital currency

Zhou Xuedong, director of the general office of the people's Bank of China, pointed out at the first quarter financial statistics Conference on October 10 that the central bank is promotinfree selling of digital currencyg digital currency in accordance with its original plan.

The digital asset trading platform of coin and coin blockchain leads the innovation mode of currency transaction, provides users with more secure and convenient digital currency exchange service, and aggregates global high-quality digital currency,

According to coindesk, the Bank of England will redesign its real-time settlement services (RTGS) system to ensure its compfree selling of digital currencyatibility with the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), such as the digital pound sterling. The new RTGS system is expected to be operational in 2022. RTGS is a key part of the UK's financial infrastructure. It is the place where British financial institutions hold Sterling accounts and an important channel for the Bank of England to inject liquidity into the domestic economy.

In a press release released yesterday, Softbank's original online article on the launch of a new bank card supporting digital currency has been deleted, and two media sources said they contacted Softbank officials to confirm that the news was not released by Softbank. Softbank told them that the news was not official from Softbank group and said we did not understand any of the content mentioned in the article, according to media ledger insight. Coindesk Japan station also learned about the source of the news from Softbank official, and the reply was that the content of the news was not accurate. When asked whether there were bankcards based on blockchain in development, the spokesman's reply was that Softbank and Softbank Commerce & service had agreed to cooperate with dynamics in 2018, and there was no further comment.

Matcha mine pool announced to join the sero main network node of private currency, and launched the POS lock mining function of sero. Users can participate in relevant operations to realize the interest sharing income of stacking. Sero saidfree selling of digital currency that it is the first privacy digital currency supporting Turing complete smart contracts in the world, allowing developers to publish anonymous digital assets on their own. The goal is to enable decentralized applications to have privacy protection functions, so that blockchain technology can realize more commercial applications while avoiding information disclosure. Not long ago, suterusu, the blockchain zero knowledge proof platform, announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with the privacy coin sero, jointly established the privacy computing laboratory and carried out a series of technical research activities.

Former president Zhou Xiaochuan attended and delivered a speech at the 10th Caixin summit today. Talking about the central bank's digital currency, Zhou Xiaochuan said that the central bank's digital currency will mainly focus on its own country and may pay more attention to wholesale,

According to the surging news, Shenzhen, together with the central branch of the Central Bank of China, Shenzhen banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, has formulated the action plan for Shenzhen to implement the opinions on financial support for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, with a total of 50 action measures and 85 sub tasks. According to the Shenzhen action plan, it is proposed to study, formulate and promulgate special support policies for financial science and technology, carry out theme activities of financial science and technology festivafree selling of digital currencyl, carry out pilot projects of financial technology innovation supervision, and actively participate in, support and coordinate the application of various scenarios of the people's Bank of China digital currency in Shenzhen pilot project.